Loki's Tale



- Pierre Noël
- Elliott Zwertvaegher
- Victor Danneels

Sound ingeneer:

- Loup Ciosek

3D Artist:

- Dimitri Cochez

Background (quick description) :

You’re a cyber pirate called Loki and you’ve got a beautiful floating ship.

But you’re not the only pirate in the area. Pirates want to kill you and destroy your ship...


- Waves are unlimited (There is no win condition).
- Weapon change randomly every wave.
- Bullets you shoot can hurt you
- Bullets stay over time on the level
- The more bullets you shoot, the less points you get.


Try to survive against different wave and get the highest score.


- Move left : Q
- Move right : D
- Jump : SPACE
- Shoot a bullet : MOUSE CLICK LEFT

Known bugs:

- The game doesn't reset properly (waves don't launch, please if you want to replay)

PS: This is our first Ludum Dare :D

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